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Nowadays many people aspire to their own house while retaining their freedom and avoiding to get into a debt for the whole life. We will show you our way to do it! We are a family with four children. Five years ago, life led us to a situation where we had to quickly solve housing question. Crazy idea in the beginning, to build a mobile house, became a reality. My husband Janči built a house for our family in four months. The house can be loaded on two trucks and moved to another location whenever we need. Construction costs were 25,000 euros. The low-budget project has became perfect answer for our housing question. It was life-changing and our family live in the house up to now. Why? It´s worth seeing it all in one film, which is practical, exciting and inspiring! You will learn more about permaculture, healthy interior design, sophisticated technologies in and around the house. Moreover you will also hear about how a mini-house can gradually grow into a beautiful and efficient housing. Five experts and a wealth of valuable information in 57 minutes.

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Kúpou tohto linku podporíte projekt Projekt inovatívneho vzdelávania na princípe lesnej a prírodnej školy a škôlky. 

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After two books, our third masterpiece, the film Happy people live in a healthy house,
measures 57 minutes. It took the best professional qualities and also a warm and sincere
heart after experts Veronika Kotradyová, Patricia Černaková, Milan Greg, Ján Matúš and
Zuzana Matúšová. The film begins with an engaging story of our family that draws you into
the whole film. It is interspersed with a technical information, with which Jan Matúš and
architect Milan Grega clearly explain the essence of a mobile home. The intelligibility is
underlined by archival videos of the building process as well as beautiful photographies
taken for the whole five years by photographers Helenka and Tomáš Benčik. After the
technical part, we move to our permaculture garden, where we explain the basis of the
permaculture and natural gardening with the permaculture designer Patricia Černáková. In
the film-editing of our seminar, the Healthy Living, we show concrete examples of
permaculture principles and our experiences. Further we invite you inside the house and
offer an outlook of our home. In this section, interior designer Veronika Kotradyova captures
the essence of healthy interior design with specific examples. You will experience the
warmth of home, by which you can easily get inspired. The film is lightened by the sincere
inputs of the children and their view of home that shapes their personalities. The wonderful
motivational music of Juraj Hnilica pleasantly tunes you during the film. In the context of the
family, the conclusion of the film passes on to the main idea of ​​how the mobile home
became growing and how this whole five-year development has changed the functioning,
priorities and values ​​of our family. Many thanks to the filmmaker Juraj Ondráš, who mainly
participated on the making of the film.

Documentary film Happy people live in a healthy house trailer

What will ou find out in the document?s
– How to build a cheap, ecological, recyclable and healthy house.
– How to look at the land to see its potential.
– How to optimally divide the garden and what is permaculture.
– How to use renewable natural energy sources.
– How to use professional technology along with common sense.

– How to design an interior with regard to the human body and health.
– How to create a healthy and playful kid´s room for the healthy development of children.

Movie length: 57 min.
Main camera, director and editor: Juraj Ondráš.
Screenplay, dramaturgy: Zuzana Matúšová Girgošková.
Performers / experts: Ing. Ján Matúš, author and designer of the project,
Ing. Patricia Černáková DPD, permaculture designer,
doc. Ing. Veronika Kotradyova, PhD. , interior designer,
Ing Milan Grega-Jakub, architect.


Thank you for the opportunity to watch your film about you, about what you have
accomplished and where you have progressed personally and in life. It’s very, very inspiring
and it opens the eyes that things can be done differently. I’m very glad I got to your books
and now to the film. Thanks to that, I started to think more about the quality of living and the
garden and the innovative lifestyle overall. It kicked me to start changing and improving our
home and our lives. I have already started in small steps, so thank you very much for your work
and its contribution. Radka Javureková

This film was a great inspiration for us and an unprecedented experience with its quality
concept. Even though my partner and I are interested in a healthy lifestyle, we did not even
think about what options of living are here today. This document has opened our eyes in a
lot of ways. It has inspired us at the start of our common family life, hopefully in the right
direction. Jan Špaček – cinematographer, director and Anna Špačková – theater director

I'm always very happy to see people re-connecting to the nature and its perfect wisdom
and processes. The document sensitively shows the path of Matúšovci family to
sustainability, which they have been teaching their children to since they were very little.
They inspire and motivate others on their own examples in a catchy way. I really like the film,
it shows a clear, easy-to-understand way of living, cultivating, farming and raising children, in
harmony with nature, without chemical poisons. I definitely recommend watching and even
more I recommend following. Matúšovci, Zuzka, Janko, hats off. Hanka Sekulová,
permaculture designer, lecturer and writer (natural gardens).

I just watched a film and I have to say bravo to your work, determination and energy to
fulfill your dream. I really liked the inputs of the experts which gave the film great value. I
was also interested in Zuzka’s pure speech. I remember how she attended permaculture
courses and traveled somewhere very far by train even with two small children. How much
energy, time and money it cost her at that time. And when I see that garden in the movie it’s
beautiful, beautiful! You are reaping what you sow. Children’s inputs are unique. They cheer
up the whole film. I also really like the interior outlook. I’m absolutely thrilled. Everything you
and Janči have described is meaningful and clear with ease. You put a bit of yourself into the
film. Your family and dreams. In the end, a tear came out… I also want to house and live like
you. I am strongly motivated and enthusiastic to find out more about permaculture and
healthy living. Thank you. Andrea Behárková, interpreter

An honest and truthful film that will change your view of life. This film is a valuable probe
into the real, extraordinary life of one (in the best sense of the ordinary) Slovak family. The
film is the most beautiful in its authenticity. Matúšovci do not act anything, they live their
story intensively and the idea of healthy living has grown into a lifestyle for them long ago.
I dare to say that many people will reconsider their mindset after watching this. Not in a
prescribed way – the Matúšovci offer their own recipe as an inspiration from which everyone
can take what they like. Cork floors, a living garden full of sounds, colors and scents, lakes
near the house, a house that is pleasant and warm for the eye and for touch. This document
is sixty minutes full of concrete inspirations interwoven in their personal family story. In
short: There are happy people living in a healthy house, who now want to share their
happiness through a new film and two books. From my own experience, I can confirm that if
the environment in which this family lives looks attractive in the film, you won’t really want
to leave if experiencing it live. If we made it, you can too, you will hear in one scene of this
document. In document, which will entertain, encourage, teach, but especially force you to
stop and think about what makes you really happy in your environment. Mária Galajdová,

This morning, while in a bed, I watched this enriching film, and I was amazed to find out that
it lasted about an hour 9 minutes before the end, which was a surprise, because as a woman
on maternity leave, I haven’t focused on watching TV for a long time. I literally devoured a lot
of information, experienced the joy of a beautifully utilized environment. It’s a movie that
moves you forward. It aroused in me enthusiasm and passion for something new, healthy,
warm, family. Watch and you will experience a lot! You will see beautiful. You will experience
such belonging. My great admiration. Marianna Repaská, teacher

Hatts off!!! Not everyone could be able to make a documentary family film, which will force
you to think about your own lifestyle. The Matúšovci family succeeded. And in every area.
Whether it is a permactuctural garden, about which I learned something new thanks to
Patricia Černak, or the construction of a house with use of recycled materials. Practical use
of space and especially how to live in symbiosis with the nature and the environment. This is
actual topic and topic of the future! And the Matúšovci are an example of how it is possible
on a beautiful harmonic level. Further what interested me was their determination to
motivate and help others in this way. With three small children and a fourth coming soon (in
that time), holding workshops and making a film is not a piece of cake. And yet it is possible!
Katarína Weissbach, teacher

We just watched it �� We are 10,000 km from home in Thailand, but now we feel like at
home with you. Very nicely done. Very thoughtful, the basis is the family and that is the
source of happiness…. So we wish good luck to everyone. Miky & Zuzka Dichtlerová,

The movie has caught on me! At the end, a tear came out. I completely agree with Patricia
who said, that you have done an incredible for the promotion of permaculture. Your whole
story is extremely inspiring and even though I already know it, it still gets me. The film is a
nicely cut from garden through building and house facilities. Everything is very reasonably
explained there. The images are very photogenic. The sunny background simply has to drag
you into. Both image and sound. It´s a pity the scents can't be transferred. I even watched
the movie twice! And for the second time, I still enjoyed it. I also know you personally and I
know that the film just can´t show how much work you and Janči have done for yourself. I
really like that you are still authentic. Such as you are on the screen and on the blog, so are
you in reality. You say what you live and you live exactly what you say. And I really like you
for that. Lenka Bystrianská, permaculture designer

The film about Matúšovci is not a document about heroes, it is about real people who live
next to us. It is a testimony of the ordinary family with the same difficulties as most of us
have. Who does not want to change their lifestyle, who does not want to slow down, and at
the same time feel that they have woefully little time for themselves or their family? But
where to find that time? How to slow down and ensure your family at the same time? What
is important and where to start? In the film, you will go through the individual stages that the
Matúšovci went through, decided to fully live their lives. After watching the film, you may

reconsider many things in your life. You will find out what is worthy to devote your time and
what is not. How to live healthily and happily even with little. And suddenly you start
breathing easier. The film is a great inspiration and a testament that is worth following.
Katarína Paukeje, editor of the magazine Môj doms

The film is a representation of how you can progress and change your life to better and
more fulfilling one. It is impossible to highlight only one or two specific points that interested
me, because the film is beautifully processed as a whole. From the beginning, when there
was dissatisfaction and the need for lifechange, through individual gradual steps to better
and healthier living, to the creation of a healthy home, where happy people live, of which
there are more and more of them. Thank you for the inspiration not only in the field of
permaculture and building the house yourself, but also for the model and motivation to live
a nice life. Silvia Kusá